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Newsletter October 2018

The S&Ps’ 500 returned .57% in September while the Russell 2000 (small caps) went down a meaningful 2.40%. Internationally, returns ranged from up .44% for the S&P EPAC BMI (international
developed markets) to slightly down for emerging markets. The MSCI EM was down .32% this month.

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Newsletter September 2018

August was another spectacular month for US equities. The S&P’s 500 was up 3.26% while the Russell 2000 (small caps) registered a 4.31% performance. Internationally, the situation was bleak. The EPAC BMI (international developed markets) was down 1.72% while the MSCI EM dropped a more painful 2.90%.

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Newsletter August 2018

US equities rallied broadly in July with the S&P’s 500 up 3.72% and the Russell 2000 (Small caps) up 1.74%, respectively. Internationally and in spite of the on-going trade rhetoric, thepicture improved. The Epac BMI (developed markets) was up 1.86% while emerging market equities jumped from 1.68% to 3.34% (MSCI EM and MSCI Frontier 100 respectively).

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Newsletter July 2018

June saw US equities rise with the S&P’s 500 up .62% and the Russell 2000 (Small caps) up .71%, respectively. The picture continued to deteriorate internationally. The Epac BMI (developed markets) was down another …

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Newsletter June 2018

The month of May was particularly volatile. US equities ended resolutely up with the S&P’s 500 returning 2.41% and the small cap index (Russell 2000) rising a whopping 6.07%.

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Newsletter April 2018

Jawboning on trade issues by the Administration in the early part of March, combined with Tech-related woes in the latter part of the month, shook investors’ confidence and prompted them to close the first quarter of the year on a negative note.

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Newsletter March 2018

In February, the S&P’s 500 dropped 3.69% while the Russell 2000 sunk 3.87%. The damage was a bit more pronounced internationally as a result of the appreciation of the USD against major currencies. The S&P’s EPAC BMI, our reference index for international developed markets, went down 4.59% while the MSCI EM (emerging markets) index dropped 4.61%.

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Newsletter January 2018

In December the S&P’s 500 rose 1.11% on a total return basis (dividends included) and the Russell 2000 dropped -.40%. Internationally, the S&P Epac BMI of developed economies rose 1.66% in spite of a lackluster performance from Eurozone equities that struggled under a rising Euro.

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